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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my order?

L You can request to cancel your order by contacting the seller you purchased from directly. Simply visit the seller’s store page, and click ‘message’. Orders that have already been shipped will not be subject to a refund, and is reliant on the seller accepting your request. 

How do I become a seller on eCann?

L You can find information on how to begin selling on eCann here. Please note, eCann primarily works with brands/manufacturers and not online retail stores. This is to ensure a fair non-competitive eco-system in which both the sellers and customers are happy.

How do you contact eCann?

L You can find information on how to contact eCann here. Please note, any inquiries relating to orders must first be raised in the form of a dispute. This can be done by accessing the ‘My Orders‘ page of your account and opening a ticket on the appropriate order.

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