eCann Subscriptions is the absolute no-brainer for any cannabis enthusiast. Why put yourself through the hassle of having to order your goods and wait for them to be delivered every time you run out! You know you’re going to need them, so subscribe, sit back, and enjoy the luxury of a fully automated delivery system.

Papers & Tips





We’ve all experienced it—that moment when you realise that you’ve pulled the last rizla and the shops are closed. Ditch the late-night homemade bongs and get your papers delivered in style! Fully customisable to suit your needs.

pre-rolled cones subscription

Pre-Rolled Cones




You’re already saving yourself the hassle of having to roll a cone, so why not skip having to order them all together? Using our subscription service means that you can spend less time looking for cones and more time smoking them!

Cannabis Accessories Subscriptions





4/20, and Christmas. We know you love both! Treat yourself to a 4/20 Christmas with the eCann accessory mystery box! Receive the latest in cannabis tech and glassware with mystery boxes being delivered directly to your door.

CBD oil / edibles subscription

CBD Oil / Edibles





You get your prescription once a month from your doctor, and we think CBD should be the same! A bottle of CBD lasts around 30 days; by subscribing, you can ensure you have a constant supply to see you through your month.

cannabis seeds subscription

Cannabis Seeds





It seems like lately there is a new breed of souvenir seeds coming out every week. It’s a lot to keep up with, and not everyone has the time. With an eCann seed subscription, you can receive the latest strains while we do all the hard work searching for you.

Your subscription starts from the date you make your first purchase, with the payment reoccurring every 30 days. Subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded, paused or cancelled at any time. For mystery items, the total value of the package will always be equal to or greater than the combined total RRP. Subscriptions are dispatched each week on Tuesday.


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