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1. Give your friends £10.

Share your unique referral code however you like—via email, social media, etc.— and give your friends £10 off their first order.

2. They make a purchase.

You’ll receive an email once your friend uses your unique referral code to make a purchase of £25 or more.

3. You get £10!

It's as easy as that! You'll then receive an email with a coupon for £10 off your next purchase of £25 or more.

A message from us.

We’re a new business, and, with any new business, we would love to be seen and heard by people who can benefit from eCann.

eCann is a platform built by people, for people. Our team is eager to get out there and start supporting people and businesses who are in the cannabis industry.

But, before we can do all that, we need your help.

Instead of spending the money on advertising, we would rather give the money to you in exchange for a helping hand in spreading the word. As a token of our appreciation and gratitude, for every referral, we will give you and your friends £10 each.

With much love,
The eCann Family.


Give £10, Get £10.


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