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Ascend Chamomile & CBD Cleansing Butter

With Papaya, Green Tea & Cannabis Sativa extracts A blend of 14 Botanical Extracts infused with 100mg hemp-derived CBD 100ml

Ascend Full Skincare Routine Bundle

CBD Cleansing Balm, Serum & Moisturiser Bundle Choose between our three Ascend serums and face oils along with a Chamomile + CBD Cleansing Balm and Hydro + CBD Moisturiser for a full skincare routine made with natural, vegan ingredients and hemp-derived CBD.

Biomedicanna CBD Argan Oil Ultimate Skin Moisture

Bless your skin with nature's finest - Organic Moroccan cold pressed Argan Oil enriched with CBD extract for ultimate skin moisture and nourishment. Brighten up your skin with this absorbent oil which can be used morning and night as part of your daily skincare routine. A little goes a long way.

Biomedicanna Cheri CBD Lip Balm

Wind or shine, your lips will feel soft and moisturized with this cherry CBD lip balm. Handy and pocket sized is easy to grab with you wherever you go and the sustainable packaging is fully recyclable, double win!

Biomedicanna Deeply Nourishing CBD Face Cream

Join the natural cosmetics revolution, where your skincare is effective and free from synthetic chemicals. CBD in skincare has boomed, and we agree it really does have amazing effects. Combining ceramides, botanical extracts and high quality oils, Biomedicanna's cream is rich but won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It works by helping the skin replenish its natural barrier, locking in moisture and reducing inflammation.

Flora Fusion Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set

Flora Fusion Rose Quartz Facial Roller Set Flora Fusion Rose Quartz Facial Roller set is made from natural rose quartz

Le-kku CBD Day Cream 300 mg

The Le-kku CBD Day Cream is our unique CBD Day Cream formulation that is made to quickly revitalise your face

Le-kku CBD Face Scrub 300 mg

The Le-kku CBD Face Scrub is a uniquely blended formulation containing two exceptional ingredients. First, is a black exfoliant Volcanic

Le-kku CBD Face Serum 300 mg

The all-in-one for a beautiful face and calm skin.

Le-kku CBD Lip Balm 60 mg

The all-in-one for a healthy living.

Le-kku CBD Night Cream 300 mg

The unique Le-kku CBD Night Cream formulation is made to maintain face skin moisturized during the night. That is especially

Le-kku CBD Salve 900 mg

The all-in-one for a beautiful face and calm skin.

Pure Vida Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Premium blend of broad-spectrum hemp extract and cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Vegan. Cosmos certified.

Pure Vida Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

A cold-pressed hemp seed oil and full-spectrum hemp extract mixture that is entirely natural. Including as much as 0.2% THC. Certified organic. Vegan.

The Good Level French Clay CBD Mask

Infused with French Clay, this CBD Mask removes daily impurities to give your face its glow back. Designed to soften and revitalise the skin, this clay mask features CBD, French Clay, Shea Butter and Lavender for the perfect facial detox.

The Good Level Skin Care Bundle

This CBD skincare bundle includes a French Clay CBD Mask and Moisturising CBD Lotion containing a nutrient-rich blend of essential oils. Unprocessed and chemical-free!