How To Use A Jade Roller For Beautiful Skin

Jade rolling is a traditional beauty ritual in China, dating back to the Qing dynasty. The process involves massaging your face with a cool-to-the-touch gemstone like Jade or Rose Quartz to drain fluid and stimulate lymph nodes. This helps the lymphatic system transport fluids and filter toxins from the body. The lymphatic system also helps improve circulation and reduce puffiness.

how to use a jade roller for beautiful skin

Why are jade rollers so popular in skincare?

If you’re an avid skincare addict, you will notice a huge hike in the popularity of jade rollers as a facial massage tool, and you will see them used by estheticians and beauty bloggers all around the world. But, why are they so popular?

The tool has dual ends and consists of a large oval stone and a smaller circular stone. Using the correct technique, jade rollers help to enhance the glow of your skin – which is all the hype in the latest skin trend at the moment, like the desirable “Glass Skin” effect that is popular in Asian beauty and it’s making its way to the West.

Jade rollers are also great for massages of the lymphatic system. The lymph system contains white blood cells that fight infection, but it also helps the body remove toxins. Massages with a jade roller can help the lymphatic system work more efficiently by increasing the absorption of skin care products like precious skin serums, making them work harder and more effectively. The massaging effect will also reduce fine lines and leave the skin brighter and smoother.

Speed up healing and recovery through the lymphatic system

Aside from helping you achieve beautiful, glowing skin, jade rollers are a great self-care tool that helps guide fluids through the lymphatic system, which is an important part of the body’s immune system and waste removal process. They are also great for reducing swelling and bruising. If you find that your face feels a little puffy, this is where using a jade roller can help speed up the recovery process and de-puff your skin.

To achieve this, before you use a jade roller, apply a moisturiser or serum to your face. This will help the product to sink into your skin. The massage will stimulate your facial lymphatic system and reduce puffiness. The massage will also stimulate your blood circulation, resulting in more vibrant and hydrated skin.

Relieve facial tension for a more youthful look

Yes, you heard that right! Another beauty of this amazing facial massage tool is its ability to improve circulation and relieve facial tension, which in turn, helps you achieve a more youthful appearance in your skin. They work by stimulating the muscles in the jaw and brow.

Most jade rollers are made from cool-to-touch gemstones like Xiu Yan jade or rose quartz. The coolness of the gemstone helps improve circulation and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

How to use a jade roller to reduce puffiness

The great thing about jade rollers is their ease of use. Unlike the facial gua sha tool, the jade roller requires little to no experience or technique making it a simple tool to incorporate into your skincare routine right away.

If you’re looking for a natural and simple way to reduce the appearance of puffiness, use your jade roller daily, or twice a day, depending on your preference. Start at the bottom of your face and roll upwards. When you reach your jaw and ear, continue rolling upwards towards your cheek.

Using jade rollers on your face can help decrease puffiness and restore beautiful skin. They work by massaging the lymphatic system and increasing circulation. This will help drain water and toxins from your body. It will also help reduce water retention, which can cause a puffy face.

A great addition to anti-ageing skincare routines

One thing to keep in mind about facial massage tools such as jade rollers is they are not a replacement for topical retinoids, growth factors, or antioxidants. While they’re great for blood circulation and relaxation, they shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a facial treatment. They don’t get rid of wrinkles, but they can help prevent the formation of new ones.

Recommended skincare heroes to use with your jade roller

The routine is not complete without using a quality face serum, moisturiser or oil to help you achieve the “glass skin” effect. Here are our Top 3 recommendations selected for all the right reasons!

1. Flora Fusion Intense Repair CBD Serum
Flora Fusion Intense Repair CBD Serum

Is your skin in serious need of repair, perhaps from sun damage, or simply using too many different products, makeup or actives? This hardworking multi-tasking CBD repair serum from Flora Fusion might do trick. Its non-greasy formula aids in skin healing, collagen production, and brightening whilst soothing dry and irritated skin.

2. Ascend Rebalancing CBD Lustre Face Oil
Ascend Rebalancing CBD Lustre Face Oil

Looking for that enviable “glow-from-within” skin that celebs seem to have? This amazing CBD face oil from Ascend is formulated to be gentle on your skin whilst having all the wonderful benefits of CBD and jojoba oil. It has the ability to regulate oily skin by rebalancing the oils within your skin – pretty neat, huh? Another great thing about jojoba oil is it won’t clog your pores, so it’s suitable for people with acne-prone skin who still want to use a luxurious face oil to pair with their Jade roller or gua sha routine.

3. Ascend Phyto-Retinol & CBD Night Serum
Ascend Phyto-Retinol & CBD Night Serum

Completing this Top 3 list is this worthy award-winning Phyto-Retinol CBD night serum from Ascend! There is a lot to love with this serum, especially when you’re after an anti-ageing powerhouse serum. Rich in botanical sources of retinol and rosehip oil, this serum has been designed specifically for targeting fine lines, wrinkles, skin elasticity, hyperpigmentation and skin texture. Pro-Vitamin A and Retinoic Acid are combined in this ultra-concentrated serum to create a potent mixture that leaves skin feeling brand-new and appearing noticeably brighter and more young.

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